Borrowing principles from successful incubators in the business and technology fields, and with the help of a strong network of partners, LEJ provides training, mentoring, and other support in a collaborative office setting.  These resources help participating lawyers establish sustainable law practices that provide affordable services to low and middle-income people in Colorado.  Core tenets of LEJ’s robust 20-month program include setting predictable prices rather than using the traditional billable hour, offering unbundled and flexible services, and leveraging technology to create efficiencies.


LEJ prepares talented and entrepreneurial lawyers in Colorado to launch and manage innovative, socially conscious, and sustainable law practices.  LEJ’s comprehensive training program focuses on building a new kind of practice that is more accessible and affordable to low and middle-income legal consumers.

LEJ’s in-house training focuses on the business side of launching and managing an innovative law practice.  During the two-week boot camp and then twice a month thereafter for the following 12 months, participants have access to top-notch training led by professionals from LEJ’s strong network of partners. The training curriculum includes core innovation topics such as pricing services in a predictable, value-based fashion and effectively using technology tools to improve client engagement and efficiency. The curriculum also includes key business fundamentals such as customer service, business development, and effective communications. In months 13-20, participants will have the option to participate in a Modern Law University where they will receive additional in-depth training and peer-to-peer group mentoring in setting and achieving professional goals.

Participants will also be paired with mentors and have access to supplemental training on topics such as attorney wellness, entrepreneurship and innovation, and growing their law practices.

LEJ participants also have access to free, high-quality CLE through partners such as CBA-CLE and the Practising Law Institute (PLI), and to free or heavily discounted technology tools thanks to our many generous legal tech partners.

What We Teach

Business Formation

Entity options and tax considerations

Risk Management

Identifying potential pitfalls and implementing systems to avoid them


Running a profitable business using alternatives to the billable hour

Limited Scope Representation

Offering a variety of services that meet client needs

Marketing & Growth

Getting the word out and attracting new business

Practice Management

Tools to run a client-centered, efficient practice.


How to get paid on-time and in full

Client Engagement

Identifying your target market and setting expectations for a productive relationship

Website Creation

Establishing an online presence that differentiates you and your firm

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Doing well by doing good

What You Receive

All participants in LEJ will receive the following resources while they are active members of a cohort.

  • CLE Elite Pass
  • CBA Membership
  • Professional office space
  • Complementary or largely discounted legal technology tools


LEJ believes that having strong mentors is a key ingredient in building a successful law practice and will work with the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP) to pair participants with mentors.

Other Resources

LEJ is housed at LawBank, a co-working space for lawyers in Denver. During the 18-month program, LEJ participants have access to the shared co-working space and all amenities at the LawBank CoBo location.

Want to apply?

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